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Top Soil (Screened/Unscreened)

Top Soil - At Madden Materials & Transportation have several locations that produce screened and unscreened soils ranging in textural classifications from sandy loam to silty sand to heavy clays.

Topsoil is the top layer of the earth's surface. Topsoil is dark in color and high in organic matter. Topsoil is one of the key steps to ensuring you have healthy lawns, flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs.

Topsoil is used mostly for filling in holes, leveling sloping areas, or as an addition to other soil mixtures in the landscape. Topsoil is a general purpose soil that is chosen for larger landscape needs.

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Enriched Soil

Enriched Soil is a natural product made by composting garden cuttings and a great way of putting energy and life back into poorly performing soil. Enriched Soil is a mix of decaying nutrient-rich soil with medium density that is naturally made using oxygen, bacteria, water, and organic materials. Enriched Soil combines green matter, such as food products and lawn clippings, with brown matter, such as twigs and dry leaves.

This combination then begins to deteriorate in the composting process. The materials break down into a rich soil, which is predominantly used to refresh depleted soils in the springtime just before planting a new set of crops.

There are many ways to use compost in the garden once it has completed maturing and has become ready to use. You can spread it as mulch, mix it in with your soil to improve quality, water down compost tea to use as a liquid fertilizer, or spread it directly onto an aerated lawn.

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Planters Mix | 4-Way

Planters Mix is a blended soil containing 33% compost and 66% topsoil. Planters Mix is the perfect soil to use when incorporating straight on top of the ground, in raised garden beds, planter boxes and top dressing.

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